The new Husqvarna seems to be based on the Nuda 900, with the insertion of a half-fairng and a big windscreen. This  should decrease the production cost compared to a completely new bike.  The Nuda was  based on the Bmw F800R. 

     The saddle for the pillion is separate and roomy, the handlebars are bigger. The saddle for the rider  also is expected to be larger than the NudaĘs. 
      It should be seen if there are any geometry changes since the superb agility of the Nuda 900 is not very useful on a touring bike. 
     Judging by this photo and NudaĘs character, the new bike could be in the region of Yamaha TDM 900 and Ktm SMT 990. ‘hus the new bike is expected to have a new character for the standards of Husqvarna, converging with that of a Bmw …