Since 1997, the Honda VTR 250 is the top class smallest naked bike in Hondas lineup. 

It is still on sale in some eastern countries, where concerning performance it is even better than the single cylinder CBR 250 R. 

The V-2 engine delivers 29.5 bhp/10500 rpm and 2.2 kgm/6750 rpm (16.2 ft lbs/6750 rpm) torque, claimed figures. 

The Trellis frame of the bike is distinctive. The VTR 250F is a half-faired variant of the naked VTR 250, oriented in eastern Asian countries, probably Japan only, where the higher tag price is not an issue. The build quality is superb.  

The VTR F features a new headlamp, reminding of the CBR front design. 
The difference in price between the naked and the half faired model is small, given that its a rather expensive small motorcycle.