The bikers were celebrating the 110th anniversary of the firm on a four days festival in Rome. The Pope was standing on his open-top jeep blessing the bikers nearby on the streets close to the Vatican. Of course there were too many leather vests, tattoos and bikes, not a typical religious gathering! Harley Davidson had given a precious gift to the Vatican earlier on, two white Harleys for the Vatican police. 


"Our promise to our customers is to offer them once-in-a-lifetime experiences that few other brands can fulfill," said Mark-Hans Richer, Chief Marketing Officer, Harley-Davidson Motor Company. "Having our customers treated to the blessing today fulfils that promise of epic adventures."! 
The Vatican spokesman said at an instant that  “I know great people who have big bikes”! 

Is that a primitive effort for western world convergence? Well, wearing always a helmet and being cautious on the road is still  important.