ItĘs the new interactive digital magazine from Honda, which takes motorcycle racing fans right inside the fast-moving and colourful world of HondaProRacing. HondaProRacing Line brings it all to life on a smartphone, tablet or desktop. If it involves speed, passion or outrageous talent on Honda's racing motorcycles - either on short circuits, the roads, or the dirt - then it will be right there in the pages of HondaProRacing Line. 

The magazine gives exclusive access to interactive stories, interviews and features focused on HondaProRacing teams, their motorcycles and their riders. It's packed full of incisive articles, stunning images and dynamic videos, all mixed with Honda's true passion for motorcycle sport. And of course, it's absolutely free. 
The first edition of HondaProRacing Line is available now and can be accessed via the following options: 
1) On an iPad or iPhone, download it from the App store 
2) On a desktop, tablet or smartphone, visit: