Triumph Speed Triple (2011-current): Streetfighter with savoir-vivre manners?

     Engine: The three cylinder 1050 c.c. engine delivers 133 bhp/ 9400 rpm and 11.3 Kgm/ 7750 rpm, claimed figures.
     Actually it will require just 1800 rpm to provide adequate boost, although engine revs should be increased to 3000 rpm in order to meet normal commuting needs. Up to 4000 rpm, power provided will overcome urban requirements.

     Performance is very linear and punchy, there are no empty spots or bursts. On the contrary, the oomph provided at the lower and middle spectrum of the power band is astonishing, making power at the top feel slightly uninspiring. Rev limiter intervenes at 10400 rpm.
     On downtown rides its natural for the 1000 c.c. engine to get hot. Turning the key at the ignition and pressing the start button, the engine will require some seconds to come into life. It would be very peculiar if British riders take their time before the ride! An indicative fuel consumption figure is 7.5 l/ 100 Km (37.7 mpg Imperial).
     Consequently the lower and middle power band are the most distinctive areas of the power band.
    Riding position: The height of the saddle is increased, 825 mm, it will be satisfying to average height riders or taller. The dimensions of the bike are normal for the standards of the category.
     The bike feels relatively light with respect to engine capacity, 214 nominal Kg kerb weight. Rider is placed in and over the bike, riding position is kind of sporty since the torso of the rider is slightly inclined to the front.
     On the road: The inverted 43 mm fork feels relatively firm, the firmness of the shock is average. The Showa suspensions are fully adjustable, a linkage is provided at the rear.
     The OE tyres are Metzeler Racetec 3 with dimensions 120/70-17 to the front and 190/55-17 to the rear. They are considered a good normal road tyre choice. Due to the superb torque provided at the low range of the power band, they require some caution on slippery roads, even on dry conditions, as they tend to slide under throttle.
    In town the Speed Triple is a satisfying bike. Engine lowest power band provides the power needed. The bike is agile, riding position provides alertness while being neutral at the same time.
     On downtown rides steering lock could be better. At the process of filtering the height of the handlebar and mirrors is the same with cars and SUVs mirrors respectively. The width of the handlebar is slightly greater than ideal on tight filtering, although its not considered wide at this bike category. Consequently she will filter relatively well.
     Street imperfections are absorbed relatively well also, like a sporty bike is supposed to do.
     On B-roads the greatest improvement compared with the former model is noticed. The old-school feeling with the moderate cornering sensation are gone, the Speed Triple is between the best of both worlds now, combining agility and superb stability at the same time.
     Its a contemporary style of cornering, fast, precise, robust and neutral, while the previous model was solely neutral.
     At the fast pace feedback to the rider is good, the Speed is tempting for joyful rides. The handling is predictable, feeling genuinely like a Streetfighter one. The only issue for the rider is the bike weight at such a pace, otherwise occasional track days may be attempted by a novice rider.
     On the highway, the 6th speed at the gear box is all that a rider needs, no reason to downshift of course. Acceleration provided is instant. The saddle is comfortable, however with or without a flyscreen, travelling speed will be limited up to 160 Km/h (slightly less than 100 mph), due to air resistance. Its the naked bikes drawback: Rider is beaten by air, in case of frequent journeys, a proper fairing equipped bike should be selected.
     Top speed is 235 Km/h, (142 mph), indicated figure. Pillion will not feel comfortable either on middle-long journeys.
     Twin 320 mm disc brakes and four piston radial Brembo calipers are equipped at the front, a 255 mm disc brake with a two piston Nissin caliper is equipped at the rear. Steel braided lines are used.
     The front brake provides strong initial bite, its linear and powerful, providing relatively good feedback to the rider. The rear is linear, providing average feedback.
     Model history/reliability/quality build: The Streetfighter category was created by the Speed Triple, introduced in 1994, featuring a three cylinder 885 c.c. engine which was derived from the Daytona 900.
     In 1997 twin headlamps are featured, aluminium frame and injection. In 1999 engine tweaks are featured. A new engine is introduced in 2002. In 2005 an all new model is presented, with a 1050 c.c. engine. In 2008 brakes, wheels, handlebar and sub frame changes are featured.

     In 2011 a new frame, swing arm, fork, wheels, engine is more powerful providing higher torque, immobilizer, new bug eyes headlamps and a 3 Kg bike diet are provided.
     No specific issues reported. Quality build and finish are superb.
     Comments: In terms of design, the single sided swing arm, the non-slippery saddle and the twin headlamps are standard. The bike tested featured some optional equipment: the pillion seat cover 160 , belly pan 214, flyscreen kit 300 , which altogether make it a much more attractive bike.
     The Speed Triple is greatly improved in 2011 compared with the previous model in terms of design and riding. These handicaps were noticed at that review, published here. She is an integrated Streetfighter bike, while the ex Speed Triple addressed to really mature riders! Concerning the riding aspect she appeals to younger riders also. From the other hand, a broader field of use is there for the rider.
     The only feature remaining to be rectified is the flat power curve at the top. Probably this is something to be expected from a three cylinder engine, however the motorcyclists tribe is not an easy one to be fully satisfied. Especially when the rest of the bike is so good.
     A Speed Triple R version is also available, featuring Ohlins suspensions, the standard ABS may be deactivated, monobloc radial Brembo calipers at the front, two Kg less weight.
Price Speed Triple: 13190

Price Speed Triple ABS: 13990

Price Speed Triple R (ABS): 16990

+ Integrated Streetfighter

+ Fields of use

- Flat power curve at the top.
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