It is not yet known in which countries the new colors will be available. However this change occurs only a few months after the official launch of the Z.


Updated: he Kawasaki Z 250 was unveiled today in Malaysia


he price announced in Malaysia is the equivalent of 4900 Euros, pretty close to that of the ninja 250. The 248 c.c. engine top performance is the same, 31 bhp. 
In Europe, USA and other markets the bike will get the 300 c.c. engine capacity delivering 39 bhp, which makes it suitable to A2 riding license norms. The bike is expected to be unveiled in Europe at the Eicma motor show in November. 


The photos - video of the new Kawasaki Z 250

These are the first photos of the new Kawasaki Z 250. Eventually its not a naked bike like the other members of the Z family (Z800-Z1000). It is actually a lighter version of the ninja 250-300. Since its virtually the same bike with a higher handlebar and the absence of a screen, the riding of the Z 250 should resemble to that of the small ninja, probably without adequate air protection.
It is expected to have the same engine capacity like the ninja, that means 250 in some countries and 300 c.c. in other countries, depending on the riding license norms. Will it be the new King of the naked 250 c.c. bikes? The bike test will answer this.

2013/1/23. From this photo it can be derived that there are two rotors at the front brakes and the pillion saddle is  closer (very good) to the saddle of the rider compared to the new ninja 250-300. 

Except from the pillion saddle-pegs, there are some differences concerning the exhaust system. 

2012/12/30.     According to the tmcblog.com, this could be the oncoming bike Kawasaki R250C. It is based on the new ninja 250-300, although the styling refers directly to the new 800. 

     Thus the 250-300 c.c. bike category gets a new member, which will increase competition favoring bikers. Like the case of the ninja 250-300, the selection of the engine capacity will be decided complying with the national riding license categories.